Holy Sepulchre London supports various community projects – with a local, national and international focus.

We know that God calls us to be generous and caring and that we should seek to establish God’s justice and mercy in our city and across the world wherever there is need.

We pray regularly about these issues and for the charities, churches and mission groups that are bringing hope.


We support:

Hackney Food Bank

We are a city collection point for Hackney Food Bank. Individuals and city firms can drop off food at the church.

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 to 1pm

  • We arrange for the food to be delivered to the food bank.

One in 5 of the UK population live below the poverty line. 

Since Hackney Foodbank opened in 2012, thousands of people have been helped by being referred to emergency help via their voucher system. In 2015, 3,200 three day emergency food supplies were given to people in crisis.

Holy Sepulchre is pleased to support this wonderful local charity through regular gift days and local businesses supporting the work of the Foodbank.


Providence Row

Providence Row is a small housing association and day centre in East London which connects homeless people (or those at risk of becoming homeless) to life changing and life saving services, getting people into housing, freeing them from addiction, and giving them new skills and a second chance. They run accredited courses in cooking and eco-gardening as well as offering advice on health, mental care, addiction and benefits. They also run art and music classes.

Some members of Holy Sepulchre’s congregation have benefited from their services past and present, and to recognise this, we give a regular donation to Providence Row, and recently donated a drum kit.


Lifecentre Salford

Lifecentre provides a number of programs for children and families in Salford, Greater Manchester. It has been running for 18 years and some of the children they helped in the beginning now volunteer at the Centre.

Holy Sepulchre is delighted to be able to support the work at the centre - contributing to the basic costs of programs (which are often not covered by grants from council or donors) and also helping to provide meals for kids.

Life Centre provides hot lunches in school holidays for children who may miss out on a nourishing meal when it is vacation time. Asylum seekers from many backgrounds come to the centre for food and advice. There is a Monday night youth group which attracts teenagers from very difficult home backgrounds and provides some stability to their lives.


International Justice Mission and A21

We support two charities working to end the global scourge of trafficking.


IJM (International Justice Mission) works to protect, rescue and rehabilitate victims of trafficking. It also gathers evidence so pimps, clients and others who are involved in the trade can be prosecuted.

Holy Sepulchre supports the work of IJM in Cambodia. They focus on the issue of forced labour trafficking. Cambodia acts as a source, transit, and destination for forced labour trafficking. Traffickers in industries such as fishing, domestic servitude, child begging, construction, manufacturing, and agriculture all prey on and exploit vulnerable and impoverished individuals.
But IJM is working to end this trade. They have already seen God’s grace in combating sex trafficking in Cambodia, bringing the rate of minors in the sex trade down from 15-30% to only 0.1%.



A21 is a nonprofit organization with the radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. They work in 12 countries with supporters, partners and law enforcement to free slaves and disrupt the demand. 

Holy Sepulchre supports their work via A21 UK and is planning to participate in The Walk for Freedom – awareness and money raising walks held each year.

We believe that equality and empowerment for women are vital for healthy churches and communities.


The Women’s Commission

The Women’s Commission is a global network seeking to equip and empower women and girls to be a compassionate prophetic Christian voice - identifying and addressing the unique needs of women around the world.

They work with women from evangelical churches in all regions: they train people in Biblical equality, practical leadership and how to be effective advocates eg on trafficking, maternal health, prayer.

Most women in the network are poor and it is a joy to see how keen and effective they are at bringing the justice and mercy of God to women who are very marginalised.

In South Sudan, the women’s groups led by Lona, have been inspired by their national leaders to reach out to girls who have been attacked and/or sexually abused in ongoing fighting. In Egypt, Nabila leads a team that teaches village girls (Christian and Moslem) about basic health, self-esteem and family life. For some girls, it is the first time they have heard about God’s love.

Holy Sepulchre is proud to help equip and encourage leaders like Lona and Nabila.


Mission work in Georgia

We support the community development work of Abu in Georgia. Abu became a Christian at Holy Sepulchre but had to leave the UK when his visa expired. He now works with a mission group among poor farming communities in Georgia, helping to develop new farming ventures that will move families out of poverty, including a rabbit farm. Abu and CIC mission want to show God’s love to Muslim Azeri families.