Our hope and prayer is that Holy Sepulchre’s is a church in which every member is growing in their relationship with God. We believe that a key ingredient of that is meeting together in smaller groups to support and encourage one another in our growth as Christians.

Our “Discipleship Groups” are groups of 6-12 people meeting every week for fellowship, worship, Bible study, prayer and prayer ministry. They are a great way to get stuck into the church, build strong friendships and go deeper with God – if you are part of our church, then do join one!

“Jesus said, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations…’” – Matthew 28v20

We have a variety of different Discipleship Groups meeting at various different times during the week.  We hope that this makes it easier for people to find one that works for them.  They are:

Tuesday Morning DG

  • This discipleship group meets in church (John Rogers’ room) at 7am.  Breakfast and coffee is provided.

Wednesday Evening 20’s DG

  • This discipleship group for young adults meets in the church flat at 7pm.

Wednesday Evening DG's

  • The first group meets in church at 6:30pm
  • The second group meets in the church at 7pm.
  • The third group meets in the church at 7.30pm

Families DG

  • This Discipleship Group meets offsite, with a focus on all ages!

Our services are great opportunities to seek God’s presence, worship, pray and hear from scripture. Alongside this, we believe that it is important to meet together in smaller “Discipleship Groups” during the week. These groups provide more opportunities for fellowship, worship, Bible study, prayer, prayer ministry and building strong friendships with each other.

A key element in that is meeting together in smaller groups during the week. To find out more please complete the form below:

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