Choral Evensong program

2019 summer

Tuesday 30th April

Introit This Joyful Eastertide, Wood

Responses Byrd

Psalm 46

Canticles Second Service, Byrd

Readings Psalm 46; John 15:1-17

Anthem Haec Dies, Byrd

Hymns 107 Good Christian men; 117 The day of resurrection!

Chant See I am near (Taize)

Tuesday 7 May

Introit Stetit Jesus, Jacob Regnart (first part)

Responses Ayleward

Psalm 133

Canticles Magnificat sexti toni, Lassus; Nunc Dimittis plainsong

Readings John 15:1-17; Ephesians 4:1-16

Anthem Aurora Lucis Rutilat, Lassus

Hymns 346 Praise my soul the King of heaven (vv. 1, 3, 4); 331 Abide with me (vv. 1, 4, 5)

Chant Confitemini Domino, Taize

tuesday 14 may (Holy Communion)

Introit Am Himmelfahrtstage, Mendelssohn

Communion Missa Brevis in C ‘Spazenmesse’, Mozart

Anthem Ave Verum Corpus, Mozart

Hymns 353 Dear Lord and Father of mankind (vv 1, 4, 5); 332 All my hope on God is founded (vv. 1, 3, 5)

Chant Ubi Caritas, Taize

Readings John 15:1-17; John 7:37-44

tuesday 21 May

Introit Holy is the true light, Peter Futcher


Responses Burges Psalm 104: 1-10

Canticles Wood in D Anthem Sweet Spirit, comfort me, Peter Hurford

Chant Magfinicat, Taize 19.

Hymns 433 O worship the King (vv.1,2,6); 244 Glory to thee (omit v.3)

Tuesday 5th February

Introit O Come, ye servants of the Lord, Tye

Responses Smith Psalm 9:1-8

Canticles Evening Service in the ‘Dorian’ mode, Tallis

Anthem O Sing Joyfully, Batten Chant I come to you, Emmanuel community

Hymns 332 All hail the power of Jesu’s name (vv.1,4,5,7); 486 we have a gospel to proclaim (vv.1,3,4,6)

Tuesday 12th February

Introit Jesu, dulcis memoria, Victoria

Responses Tomkins Psalm 42: 1-5

Canticles Magnificat a8, Maurice Bevan, Nunc Dimittis, Holst

Anthem Jesus I adore thee, Caracciolo Chant See, I am near, Taize

Hymns 353 Dear Lord and Father (omit v.3); 252 The day thou gavest (omit v.4)

Tuesday 19th February Eucharist

Introit Cantate Domino, Pitoni

Communion Missa brevis St. Joannis de Deo, Haydn

Anthem Salmo 150, Aguiar

Chant Glorify the Lord, Emmanuel Community

Hymns 294 Just as I am (vv.1,2,3,6); 288 God everlasting; 485 Thy hand O God (vv.1,3,5)

Tuesday 26th February

Introit The Lord’s prayer, John Sheppard

Responses Jones Psalm 64: 1-10

Canticles Attwood in C

Anthem Come, Holy Ghost, Attwood

Chant Il Signore ti ristora (in English), Taize

Hymns 417 O God our help in ages past (vv.1,2,3,6); 436 Praise my soul the King of heaven

Tuesday 5th March

Introit Lord, for thy tender mercies’ sake, Farrant

Responses Morley Psalm 70 (plainsong)

Canticles The ‘Second’ Evening Service, Gibbons Anthem O God, the King of glory, Gibbons

Chant The Kingdom of God, Taize

Hymns 336 Angel voices (vv. 1,4,5); 408 Love divine

tuesday 12th March

Introit Ubi Caritas, Durufle

Responses Parry Psalm 88.13-18

Canticles Bairstow in D Anthem O pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Howells

Chant See I am near, Taize

Hymns 338 At the name of Jesus (vv. 1,5,6); 263 All creatures of our God and King (vv.1,3,7)

tuesday 19th March Eucharist

Introit Never weather-beaten sail, Campion

Communion Missa ‘Aeterna Christi Munera,’ Palestrina

Anthem O Salutaris Hostia, Byrd

Chant Confitemini Domino, Taize

Hymns 265 Lord of beauty (omit v.3); 272 All for Jesus (vv 1,2,5); 339 Be thou my vision (vv.1,2,5)

tuesday 26th March

Introit A Prayer of King Henry VI, Ley

Responses Peter J. Smith Psalm 125: 1-5

Canticles Evening service in Ab, Harwood

Anthem Faire is the heav’n, Harris Chant Ubi Caritas, Taize

Hymns 341 Blest are the pure in heart; 359 The Lord’s my shepherd

tuesday 2nd April

Introit O Ignis Spiritus, St. Hildegaard of Bingen Responses Ayleward Psalm 136

Canticles The ‘Short’ Service, Gibbons

Anthem O Nata Lux, Tallis

Chant Wait for the Lord, Taize

Hymns 349 Come let us join our cheerful songs; 186 Tell out my soul

tuesday 9th April

Introit O come in one, Tallis

Responses Tallis Psalm 13: 1-6

Canticles Morley Faubourdon

Anthem Lamentations of Jeremiah (second set), Tallis

Chant Into your hands, Taize 30

Hymns 67 Forty days (vv.1,2,3,6); 377 Immortal, invisible

tuesday 16th April

Holy Week service

thursday 18th April

Holy Week service