Choral Evensong program

2018 Autumn

Tuesday 4th September

Introit Let thy merciful ears, Weelkes 

Responses Parry 

Psalm 25.1-7 

Canticles Evening Service in the Dorian Mode, Blow  

Reflective chant O, Adoramus te O Christe (Taize) 

Anthem Adoramus Te, Lassus 

Hymns 419 O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace; 417 O God our help in ages past (vv.1,2,5,6) 

Readings 1 Samuel 13.13-14; Romans 12.1-2 

Sunday 9th September 

Firefighters’ Service

Tuesday 11thSeptember

Introit Prayer of King Henry VI, Ley 

Responses Peter J.Smith 

Psalm 17.1-8 

Canticles ‘Collegium Regale’ Howells  

Reflective chant Holy Spirit, come to us, Taize 

Anthem Hail, Gladdening Light, Wood 

Hymns 339 vv.1,3,5; 417 vv.1,2,4,6  

Readings 1 Samuel 16.1-13; Mark 7.14-23

Tuesday 19thSeptember

Introit In Manus Tuas (Gregorian) 

Communion Missa Papae Marcelli, Palestrina 

Readings 1 Samuel 16.14-23; John 4.19-26 

Anthems O Quam Suavis est, Alonso Lobo* 

Hymns 353 (omit v.3); 271 (omit v.2); 466 (omit v.2) 

Reflective Chant Adoramus te Christe (T.20, English) 

Mystery of Faith Horton 

Tuesday 25th September 

Introit Jesu, The Very Thought Of Thee, Bairstow

Responses Reading

Psalm 29 

Canticles Pearsall in G minor 

Reflective chant Sing praises, all your peoples (T.23) 

Anthem And I Saw A New Heaven, Bainton 

Hymns 146 vv.1,2,4; 359 (t.Duke Street) 

Readings 1 Samuel 17.23-26, 31-37, 43-49; Hebrews 11.1-6, 32-28 

Tuesday 2nd October   

Introit O Lord, I lift my heart to thee, Gibbons 

Responses Smith 

Psalm 86. 1-7 

Canticles Morley ‘Fauxbourdon’ 

Reflective chant See, I am near (T.102) 

Anthem O God, the King of Glory, Gibbons 

Hymns 396 (omit v.4); 419 

Readings Psalm 86; Matthew 6.5-15 

Tuesday 9th October 

Introit Come Holy Ghost, Shorter 

Responses Burges 

Psalm 51.1-9 

Canticles Stanford in C 

Reflective chant I Come To You, Emmanuel Songs 

Anthem God be in my head, Horton 

Hymns 324 Thine arm, O Lord; 336 Angel-Voices ever singing (vv.1,2,5) 

Readings 2 Samuel 11.1-6, 12-17; 2 Samuel 12.1-14 

Tuesday 16th October 

Holy Communion in Musicians’ Chapel

Introit O Bone Jesu, Ingeneri 

Communion Missa Brevis, Palestrina 

Readings Psalm 54; 1Samuel 23.15-29 

Anthems Sitivit anima mea, Palestrina 

Hymns 440 (vv.1,2,6); 288; 296 (vv.1,4,5) 

Reflective Chant Jesus Christ bread of life (T.143) 

Tuesday 23rd October 

Introit O Lord Of Whom I Do Defend – Amner 

Responses Morley 

Psalm 57 

Canticles Turner in A  

Reflective chant Il Signore ti ristora (T.140, English) 

Anthem Never Weather-Beaten Sail, Campion* 

Hymns 391; 436 

Readings 1Samuel 18.5-6; 1Samuel 24.1-17 

Tuesday 30th October 

Introit Jesu, Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina 

Responses Tomkins 

Psalm 52 

Canticles Wood ‘Collegium Regale’ 

Reflective chant Bless the Lord (T.5) 

Anthem O Thou, The Central Orb, Wood 

Hymns 433 (vv.1,2,6); 352 (vv.1,3,5) 

Readings 1Samuel 22.9-23; Revelation 12.7-12 

Tuesday 6th November 

Friends of the Musicians Service

Requiem: Gabriel Faure 

Sunday 11th November 

Remembrance Sunday

Tuesday 13th November 

Introit O Taste and See, Vaughan Williams 

Responses Parry 

Psalm 19.7-14 

Canticles Evening Service for village choirs, Vaughan Williams 

Reflective chant Nothing can ever (T.119) 

Anthem Like as the Hart, Howells 

Hymns 341 Blest are the pure in heart; 349 Come let us join our cheerful songs 

Readings 2Samuel 7.1-17; Colossians 1.9-14 


Tuesday 20th November 

Holy Communion

Introit Thou Knowest Lord – Purcell 

Communion Missa Vidi Turbam Magnam, Allegri 

Readings 2Samuel 23; Mark 3.13-19 

Anthems Jubilate Deo, Gabrieli 

Hymns 440 (vv.1,2,6); 288; 296 (vv.1,4,5) 

Reflective Chant Wait for the Lord (Taize) 

Tuesday 27th November

Introit O Lord, I lift my heart to thee, Gibbons 

Responses Byrd 

Psalm 139.1-10 

Canticles ‘Third’ Service, Tomkins 

Reflective Chant Ubi Caritas (Taize) 

Anthem O God, the King of Glory, Gibbons 

Hymns 345 Christ is the King (omit v.4); 391 King of Glory 

Readings 2Samuel 6.12-22; Matthew 6.25-34 

Tuesday 4th December 

Introit Creator of the stars (NEH1), Plainsong 

Responses Plainsong 

Psalm 18.46-50 

Canticles Magnificat, Plainsong (Tone viii); Nunc Dimittis, Palestrina 

Reflective Chant Confitemini Domino (Taize) 

Anthem Canite Tuba, Palestrina 

Hymns 6 Hark the glad sound!; 9 Lo! He comes with clouds descending (omit v.3) 

Readings 1Samuel 22.1-10; 1Samuel 22.26-37 

Monday 10th December 

Clockmakers’ Carol Service

Tuesday 11th December 

Lunchtime Carol Service, 1.15pm

Evening Carol Service 

Tuesday 18th   

Evening Carol Service